Fake News Blasted Everywhere Over Trump’s Tweet About Nuclear Strength


The media is doing their best imitation of Chicken Little, accusing Donald Trump of starting an arms race. They are publishing critiques with videos of a nuclear bomb blowing up. Maybe they should send that to Barack Obama who has allowed Iran to build their own nuclear weapons. In fact, Iran boosted their centrifuge development and are ten years ahead of the treaty schedule.

The media is reacting to one tweet. The media is probably angry because he avoids them and goes right to the people.

Some on the left thinks this means nuclear war.

The message Trump wants to convey is US strength so we don’t have nuclear war. Hillary is the one who said she’d go to war with Russia over cyber attacks and not a word was said about it.

The left also thinks Putin and Trump got together and planned these statements.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for reinforcing Russia’s military nuclear potential in response to NATO’s planned build-up near Russian borders.

At an annual end-of-year meeting with defense chiefs on Thursday, Putin said Russia’s military can overpower any potential foe, but it should build up its nuclear capability.

“We need to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces, especially with missile complexes that can reliably penetrate any existing and prospective missile defense systems,” Putin said at a Defense Ministry meeting in the capital, Moscow, on Thursday.The Russian president warned that the planned military build-up by the US-led Western military alliance near Russia’s borders could change the balance of power in the region.

“We must carefully monitor any changes in the balance of power and in the political-military situation in the world, especially along Russian borders, and quickly adapt plans for neutralizing threats to our country,” the Russian leader said.

Four hours AFTER that notification, Donald Trump tweeted that we need to expand our nuclear capability. It was likely a response to Putin’s saber-rattling. Instead of the media greeting it as a strong response since they are fearful Trump is cozy with Putin, they are going after him with their full arsenal of fake news.

Then the flurry of criticism began. For as perfect as they found President Obama, the opposite will be true of a President Trump.

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, put fake news up on his website in response.

The New York Daily News somehow came up with the idea that it is an outgrowth of a “chummy” relationship with Putin and a “peculiar curiosity about America’s nuclear powers — something that terrified his detractors.”

What Trump’s transition website actually says he will modernize the nation’s nuclear arsenal so it will remain an “effective deterrent”.

During the next decade, US ballistic missile submarines, bombers, and land-based missiles – the three legs of the nuclear triad – are expected to reach the end of their useful lives. Trump wants to upgrade our nuclear capabilities.

CNN worries and demeans with their criticism…”the suggestion that he could preside over a new nuclear arms race will spook critics who argued he showed himself unfamiliar with basic nuclear doctrine during the campaign. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had argued that it would be a mistake to hand the US nuclear codes over to a man who could be ‘baited with a tweet.'”

They included a video of bombs going off.

Even though Obama has committed a trillion dollars to the nuclear program, Democrat Senator Ed Markey wants to use this against the President-elect.

Rachel Maddow asked Kellyanne Conway about it and Conway suggested it was largely posturing though Trump will keep us safe.

“This is him preparing to be president and he’s been asked constantly what his position is on x, y or z, and in the case of the nuclear comment, I discussed it with him directly and he is making the point this is about nuclear proliferation in the face of rogue nations and regimes that are stockpiling weapons”, Conway said.

“His first priority is to keep us safe and secure and his first doctrine is peace through strength and in a perfect world Rachel, we wouldn’t have any nuclear weapons, but it’s not a perfect world, in fact it’s a very dangerous world”.

NBC said Trump is confused and basically doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Our nuclear arsenal is aging and Mr. Obama has not replaced any of it in eight years. The left would prefer we destroy our nuclear weapons while Russia builds up theirs and rogue nations like Iran and terrorist groups like ISIS obtain them. The media wants Trump to stop tweeting because they are left out and can’t massage his comments before they are made public.

If this letter from Putin to Trump is legit, we can understand why the leftists would be upset. Trump might actually be able to work with the Russians where they couldn’t. Leftists love Russians normally. They tried their reset, gave away our uranium, some US technology, and a plastic reset button with the wrong word on it, but it didn’t work. Putin won’t talk to Obama.