Faux News Channel NBC Rips Into the “Ugly GOP” for Wanting Refugees Vetted


While every possible indicator tells us that we should be concerned about ISIS and al Qaeda terror threats, especially in light of the Paris attacks and even the Mali attack, NBC wants the “ugly GOP” to stop the “angry debate on refugees.” Colbert likened Republicans to “terrorists”.

It’s ironic since the president is the one who came out attacking the GOP.

The NBC left are upset because the GOP and many other Americans want the Syrian refugees properly vetted. The law that the GOP passed in the House isn’t even strong enough. It assumes the vetting can be done when we know it can’t be.

By way of contrast, the Malaian president said, “No one, nowhere, is safe given the danger of terrorism.” Mali just lost 27 innocent people, including one American, to al Qaeda. Belgium just put Brussels at the highest terror alert because they are facing a “serious and imminent threat.”

We know that the Syrian refugees in particular cannot be vetted from what our intelligence agencies told us, not what the GOP told us. Yet NBC’s so-called objective reporter Peter Alexander said that Republicans are “defying the president” and shutting the “door on refugees”:

On Capitol Hill, 47 House Democrats joined Republicans, defying the President’s veto threat, passing a bill that would effectively shut the door on refugees coming to the U.S. from Syria and Iraq, setting an almost impossible bar requiring the nation’s top three security officials at the FBI, Homeland Security, and National Intelligence personally certify that each refugee is not a threat before they’re allowed in.”

“Impossible bar?” It’s hardly impossible and it is what the American people want and it’s far past the time the government started to do what the people want. We temporarily “shut the door” when Cuba was emptying out prisons and insane asylums and putting them on boats to America. We have done it other times as well.


Savannah Guthrie started the interview with Alexander by feeding him the line of the day, Republicans are “defying the president to “impose stringent new screening rules”.

“And now to the fierce political debate going on over Syrian refugees entering the United States. Defying the President, the House on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to impose stringent new screening rules. While on the campaign trail, Donald Trump is under fire this morning after calling for the creation of a national database to register all Muslims living here in the U.S. NBC national correspondent Peter Alexander is covering the political piece of this, this morning. Peter, good morning.”

Governors – 33 of them – said the refugees are being resettled in their states without the Federal government telling them who they are, how many there are, what the vetting process is, and where they are going. They haven’t a clue who these people are.

While all this is going on, NBC is playing ridiculous games in support of the ideology of the far-left president and his Democrat supporters.

NBC Nightly News lashed out at conservatives and Republicans on Thursday for creating an “ugly” and “angry debate” with President Obama over whether to accept Syrian refugees while gushing how Hillary Clinton was “going against the tide” of a bipartisan majority of voters and members of the House in backing the President, Newsbusters reported.

Anchor Lester Holt led the program again from Paris and started the segment by explaining that “heightened fears in the U.S. over Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris attacks led the House to approve a bill today that would virtually halt all Syrian refugees from coming into the U.S.”

Introducing NBC News Clinton correspondent and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell’s report, Holt set the tone with the declaration that “the Republican frontrunners [have] drummed up the fear talk today to a new level.” Ray Kelly said New York is the number one target Brussels is preparing for an “imminent” attack and we’ve received three videos from ISIS warning us we would be attacked. FBI Director Jim Comey said he needs more resources and can’t track them all. Obama has not added resources. NBC left that out of their report in favor of insulting the GOP.