FedEx Gives Discounts to NRA Members, Leftists Freak!


NRA members are being given up to a 26% discount on shipping! The anti-gun lunatics are in boycott mode over it. How dare these people try to limit our freedoms, really! Let the gun control activists freak out – there’s more of us than them.

Bearing Arms is reporting that there is a new organization called Guns Down has a campaign going online against FedEx stores in Denver, Atlanta, Memphis and Orlando.

The group includes VanJones’ Color of Change, Soros’s Human Rights Campaign, a gay organization -Pride Fund to End Gun Violence [are they nuts? Orlando! Hello!] and the Bloomberg-supported Newtown Action Alliance. The usual suspects in other words.

FedEx is not allowed to give discounts to the millions of gun owners?

The gun grabbers don’t like it. They are statists and do not want freedom. They are control freaks.

The idiots abound. Here’s one who thinks guns commit crimes, not people.