Feds Meet Resistance in Their War on Climate Deniers



We have 16 Attorneys General working in concert with the Department of Justice and environmental extremists to imprison people who do not accept that climate science is settled or who disagree with the government’s unsubstantiated claims of our ultimate destruction 100 years from now. These AGs are so emboldened as to believe they can use force to silence all dissent. One of their targets, the Libertarian think tank, Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), has launched a counter attack.

CEI is a think tank – an organization which deals with free and independent thought – and it is being investigated by one of these 16 AGs, as a result of their refusal to fall in line with the prevailing belief about climate science.

As Dr. Manliss, a Physics professor at Presbyterian College, said in a piece for CNS News, “global warming has been an excuse for growing political control over the people”.

“The science of global warming has been used to justify the banning of lightbulbs, shutting down coal-fired power plants, and even a possible sighting of the holy grail: increased taxation without end (to save the planet),” the professor wrote.

CEI does not have an extreme viewpoint on the climate science, they only question the extreme response to a non-emergency.

The government is trying to silence their free speech and force them to mindlessly echo the government’s so-called truth.

CEI’s attorneys called the subpoena “an effort to punish [CEI] for its public policy views, chill its associations, and silence its advocacy.”

“Your demand on CEI is offensive, it is un-American, it is unlawful, and it will not stand,” says the letter, addressed to U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker, who issued the subpoena. “You can either withdraw it or expect to fight, because CEI strongly believes that this campaign to intimidate those who dissent from the official orthodoxy on climate change must be stopped.”

CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman said, “The subpoena is as illegal as it is groundless. It is a political ploy aimed at advancing a policy agenda by shutting down debate. The Founding Fathers would have recognized this subpoena for what it is, an attack on our First Amendment rights.”

The Attorneys General, who hold secret meetings with un-American groups, have no accountability but are on a fishing expedition to delegitimize a think tank that disagrees with them.

CEI attorneys called it intimidation. “The subpoena violates the First Amendment because it constitutes an attempt to silence and intimidate, as well as retaliate against, speech espousing a particular viewpoint with which the Attorney General disagrees, certain speech content, and certain expressive association, and is therefore invalid,” they wrote.

They are also looking for any ties to Exxon because damaging Exxon is a first step in their war on oil and gas and CEI has received donations from them among many others who agree with their viewpoint.

Obama’s Climate Action Plan is geared towards shutting down coal, oil and gas and towards promoting the more expensive and less efficient so-called clean energy sources.

The pro-climate change activists plan to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy sources. If they succeed, it could end in a disastrous shortfall in the global energy supply. Alternative energy as a total replacement for fossil fuels is wasteful and inefficient. Nevertheless, that is the path Barack Obama has put us on, not because he is succumbing to the demands of the radical environmentalists, but because he is one of them. He wants us on the road to 0% fossil fuels.

The government is creating an unnatural demand for only alternative energy by destroying our cheaper, more reasonable fuel source.

In 2012, during the re-election campaign, Obama had a Truth Team which ran three websites, Attack Watch, Keeping the GOP Honest, and Keeping His Word. About the accusation of Obama’s war on coal, they lied with this statement:

Republicans are dredging up false attacks on the Obama administration, claiming that the Environmental Protection Agency is cracking down on coal. Conjuring up a “war on coal.” Mitt Romney’s campaign and the GOP are trying to convince Americans that President Obama has a “disdain towards coal and coal jobs.”

The EPA is not only writing legislation that furthers a war on all fossil fuels with coal front and center because it’s the weak link, but they are following the dictates of the UN and their agenda. Hillary Clinton has come out and boasted that she will fire coal miners but will somehow conjure up imaginary jobs in other industries.

There is no question there is a war on fossil fuels, that the government wants more power over the people and their labor, and finally, climate change or global warming is the vehicle they are using to become all-powerful.


CEI is represented in this matter by attorneys Andrew M. Grossman and David B. Rivkin, Jr., who recently founded the Free Speech in Science Project to defend First Amendment rights against government abuses.