Flood of Refugees Will Turn Florida Blue


Florida is a resettlement camp for refugees.

The soon-to-be blue state of Florida takes in the largest number of refugees of any state in the union. It’s  about to get worse.

Floridians will see a huge influx of Syrian refugees by the end of 2015 and into 2016.

Florida gets about 30,000 refugees a year from all over the world. The United States already pledged to take in thousands of Syrians and Florida will get the most.

Refugees are given an income, food, clothing, housing, a driver’s license and a work permit. After one year, they can apply for a green card and, after five years, they can apply for citizenship. Guess which party they will support.

Our state of Georgia is allegedly accepting Syrian Sunni warlords!

We are doomed.

Meanwhile, everyone’s looking at the Ferguson shiny object. Someone should explain to me why this routine shooting in Missouri is a national story but Syrian Sunni warlords coming into the U.S. isn’t.

Kermit Gosnell was a local story but Michael Brown isn’t.  Flooding the country with refugees is not worth a mention. Does anyone still believe the media has our interests at heart.


Check out this one town in Georgia



  1. Who exactly are these “Syrian Sunni warlords coming into the U.S.”…? Please provide specific examples. Thanks!

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