Former White-Hating Black Panther Says Whites Are Cowards And You Will Love Him For Saying It


Mr Weaver

Berkeley Black Panther, Clarence Mason Weaver, was once such a white-hater that he broke up with his girlfriend because she had a white dog. He’s now a conservative.

Weaver served his country in Vietnam working as a pipe fitter in the Navy. It was an incident on August 11, 1971 that changed his life forever: A white racist tried to kill him just because of his skin color.

Retelling a riveting transformational story, Weaver explains how even in the midst of running with radical U.S. haters, he realized “he loved America” and only wanted a chance to compete fairly in the country.

He passionately explained in an interview for The Daily Caller that Black Lives Matter “really means black lies matter.” He said that the group believes in white superiority. They demand white society give them concessions out of guilt.

Mason asks, “What happened to you white folks? Where are the Vikings? You guys are cowards!”

Weaver recognized that they are dividing us because of our differences.

Mason deals with the hate spewed at him as a black conservative with courage.

The leftist turned conservative says that liberals are“running today’s plantations” with destructive liberal policies. Liberalism, he says, “destroys people, like a drug dealer, a pimp who manages you and wants to keep you down. Liberalism is slavery, always has been and always will be.”

You can listen to the interview here.



  1. Due process. Not execution without a trail. That is all that black lives matters means nothing more nothing less. Stop making something so simple so confusing for folks.

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