Forward With A New Obama Campaign Slogan

Vorwarts! (Forward!)


The Hill is reporting that the Obama campaign might drop “Forward” as their campaign slogan [they announced it with great fanfare]. After they posted the slogan, people brought up the fact that it has been (and still is) the single most important slogan of socialists and communists for over a hundred years.

Read about the commie-connection on the Sentinel here and here.

I would gladly help with slogans if he’d ask me. How about, bin Laden’s dead and so is the economy OR clear eyes, full hearts and full of it OR hope for change. There is always can’t lose, I have ACORN and dead people on my side. 

He could always borrow some other older slogans from his BFF’s  –

  • Abolish the wage system
  • All power to the Soviets
  • Better Red Than Dead
  • Bigger cages! Longer chains!
  • Everything Within the State, Nothing Outside the State
  • Had enough? [My personal favorite]
  • The Buck Stops at Bush’s Door
  • We Are the 99% [Even though I am really rich and stand to get a whole lot richer]

Take a look at the Hill piece –

The Hill: …President Obama’s campaign has yet to find a clear 2012 reelection slogan that carries the heft of 2008’s “Change You Can Believe In,” raising worries among his supporters — and hopes among Republicans — that he is having trouble articulating a concise case for a second term.

“It’s a problem because in 2008 he had an absolute winner of a slogan in ‘hope and change,’ ” said Tobe Berkovitz, a Boston University professor and expert on political advertising. “It said it all, and the things that he has tried so far this time haven’t worked in the same way.”

Berkovitz is not sure that the Obama team can conjure something so effective this time around, and suggests the campaign is “struggling to find a core message.”

Obama formally launched his campaign this month with the message of “Forward,” but one senior Democratic Party official told The Hill that people who thought that would be the campaign’s lasting official slogan should “stay tuned.”

Obama at various times over the past year has taken “Winning the Future,” “A Fair Shot,” “An America Built to Last” and “We Can’t Wait” for test drives, but none has found lasting traction. Vice President Biden has suggested one possible bumper-sticker slogan: “GM’s alive; bin Laden’s dead.”

The president’s Twitter feed earlier this week featured a picture of him throwing a football at Chicago’s Soldier Field along with the words “Clear eyes, full hearts.” The slogan concludes with “can’t lose” and is borrowed from the TV show “Friday Night Lights.” It has been adopted as a semi-official rallying call by Obama loyalists, and can be seen displayed on walls — and a chalkboard or two — around the reelection team’s Windy City headquarters….Keep reading at the Hill