German Government Develops Trojan Horse to Spy on Its Citizens


oops trojan horse

Is this Big Brother or common sense law enforcement?

Germany’s Federal government has secured the development of “trojan horse” computer software, aka Bundestrojaner, which will allow the government to spy on citizens computers and smartphones.

It’s interesting that this comes on the heels of the courts ordering Apple to develop software to crack their own phones and turn it over to the FBI.

The software allows the German government to trace the communications of anyone who downloads it or purchases something that contains it.

Trojan horses come disguised as something innocuous but quickly infect the entire computer and can record keystrokes and allow full access to files and so on.

The Federal Data Protection Commissioner Andrea Vosshoff has said that the testing of the software has been completed and that it will be used to follow the movements and actions of suspected criminals and others.

Notice the word “suspected” and notice the word “others”.

They can also monitor the microphone on devices.

They’ve done it before in secret when they attached such a virus to the computer of a person they had under surveillance but it was uncovered by a hacker group called “Chaos Computer Club.”

Bahrain, Ethiopia, Turkemenistan, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia use the same software developed by FinFisher Gamma International to spy on their citizens. It puts Germany in quite a class.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked social media giants to monitor and censor accounts of her citizens who were spreading “hate” and they have agreed to do it. A former Stasi official is in change. The government also fines and imprisons anyone who spreads “hate” messages.

The German government has to receive approval from the Federal Constitutional Court according to the German newspaper Deutschlandfunk and Breitbart. There are strict limits on it and it can only be used for significant national security purposes on source telecommunications and a judge will have to approve its use after reviewing each case. Experts don’t see how the government will limit the communications since Trojan Horses grab up everything. It also makes computers and other devices vulnerable.