Giant Pythons Invade the Florida Everglades

Giant Pythons Invade the Everglades

The Florida Everglades is being invaded by enormous pythons that are more than 16 feet long.

People were wondering why the raccoons, possums, rabbits, foxes, deer and other native animals were disappearing. Turns out that giant Burmese Pythons are eating everything that moves.

In the southern end of the Everglades, where the pythons have been established the longest, researchers said raccoon sightings have dropped 99.3 percent, while sightings of opossum have dropped 98.9 percent and bobcat sightings have fallen 87.5 percent. [Reuters]

These former pets were released into the Everglades by people who purchased them legally and then decided they didn’t want them anymore. It’s legal to buy Burmese Pythons in the United States.

Now there are efforts being made to contain the pythons to one area of the everglades. They pose a serious threat to the ecological balance. These pythons swallow alligators, deer and other large animals whole. They don’t have any natural enemies in the Everglades.

They’re not poisonous but does it matter when they can swallow you in one gulp? Read here: PBS