Gloria Allred Media Call Girl – Update



Update: 10:24:12: Apparently Allred’s October surprise has to do with Mitt Romney’s testimony in the divorce case of Staples founder Tom Sternberg. Staples was founded by Romney’s firm, Bain Capital. She is trying to get the testimony unsealed.

How does she get to unseal records? It’s the tactic that Obama used in Chicago – he unsealed his opponent’s divorce records (actress Jeri Ryan’s husband). He painted his opponent as a wife abuser and Mr. Ryan has not been heard from since.

Records shouldn’t be something that anyone can unseal. Usually you unseal records in a murder case, something serious, not to be used to defeat a political opponent.

Interestingly, she recently went to a “30 Days to Victory” Obama fundraiser on October 7th. Her announcement of an October surprise was made shortly after this fundraiser.

Original Story: Gloria Allred who is trotted out by Democrats and sketchy women when money and the media call, was very successful in destroying the candidacy of Meg Whitman with a nonsensical story by an illegal woman named Nicky. It was enough to send Ms. Whitman crashing in the polls. Nicky still lives in the U.S. illegally.

Allred, the faux fighter for women’s rights, goes after Republican candidates and conservative talk show hosts who allegedly attack women in some way – not liberals. She has never given a hoot about Sarah Palin or any other women who isn’t a leftist.

Now Allred is going to go after Romney.

Allred is likely going to use a sensationalist investigative report written for Metro Silicon Valley by Geoffrey Dunn who uses the report to trash the Mormon Church and describe Romney as a bully for regaling a woman (who wanted an abortion) with success stories about women who gave birth to handicapped children.

Dunn found a few other women who don’t like Romney (are they Dems I wonder), in an attempt to portray it as a pattern.

This is a Progressive technique which worked well on Herman Cain. One can always find scores of unethical women who will lie.

Goeffrey Dunn, is a “trash the GOP & Sarah Palin” addict who makes a living out of it.

My guess is that Allred is a lawyer for one of the “victims” of the alleged bullying and will trot the leftist out to tell her tale while possibly announcing a lawsuit. Crying will undoubtedly be a part of the event. That’s just speculation at this point.