Google Glasses Are Here


Star Trek

Wearable computing is here in the form of eyeglasses that can shoot video, search the Internet, and send email on command. They are literally iphone eyeglasses.

If you think you are addicted to your cell phone or iPad now, wait until you’re wearing it on your head day-and-night.

Everyone who comes in contact with you while you have them on will know you could be videotaping them. What could go wrong with that?

The glasses put you in an “augmented reality” – many of us are living in an augmented reality already.

Project Glass

The glasses come equipped with a clear plastic block on the glasses that sits just slightly above the eye on one side of the glasses. The block contains a camera and a web browser with a tiny screen. The arm that goes over the ear is a touchpad. It also has a speaker, microphone and a motion sensor that responds to head movements.

Tap the glasses and see the day’s headlines.

It has a GPS that can be used when driving. We’ll probably need a few more motor vehicle regulations.

It’s a little creepy and truly amazing!

Full story at the Daily Mail