GOP Pols Shouldn’t Panic About the Polls


CHICKENLITTLERepublican, chicken little, the sky is falling, doomsday naysayers are hyperventilating over recent polls saying their “brand” is taking a big hit over a partial government shut down.  They should take a deep breath.  If they can’t find comfort from the fact some of the polling samples might have skewed left, and that other surveys show 80% of Americans remain unaffected by the slowdown, the nervous nellies should relax in knowing our citizenry has an incredibly short attention span.

For politicians and their “advisors” to fret, that next year when polling really matters, voters will be casting ballots based on a bureaucratic slowdown they will have stopped remembering or caring about in the spring of 2014….is nuts.  If you think that’s an overstatement, consider how long the people have kept their interest/outrage focused on truly shocking scandals such as Benghazi, the IRS misconduct, and NSA eves dropping.   In the blink of an eye, our ADHD populace was distracted by other things.

But over the next year there will be something even an easily distractible electorate won’t be able to ignore.  They will be surrounded and perhaps overwhelmed by the continuing, discombobulated rollout of ObamaCare.  A big majority will have their lives negatively affected by this complicated, destructive, “train wreck”.  As Democrat propaganda gives way to life’s harsh realities under the “Affordable Care Act”  the “low info” group will be especially hard hit.

Upcoming, there are at least one dozen very unhappy surprises awaiting many of those who have not carefully followed the ever evolving, spiraling downward, ironically titled, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

1) Your healthcare is highly unlikely to be “free”.  2) Big time employers were given another year before having to cover employees. 3) Regular folks were granted no such waiver.  4) In a stealth move, Obama’s peeps quietly shortened by 6 weeks everyone’s signup deadline  5) There will be fines for those who do not comply on time. 6) Spending caps that were supposed to limit out of pocket costs for ObamaCare enrollees were, in the dead of night, delayed for at least a year.  7) In a related matter, most deductibles and doctor co-pays are going to dramatically jump.  8) Many patients will not be able to keep their doctors.  9) Large organizations are removing spouses from health plans.  10) Huge corporations are ending coverage for retirees.  11) The Fed’s healthcare website is a disaster.  12) Top private computer security experts predict these poorly protected exchanges will lead to tens of millions of Americans having their identity stolen.

Those twelve, separate healthcare calamities average out to one a month through 2014. The stories will be so numerous and compelling, even a protect Barack media will be forced to cover them. Thanks mostly to the efforts of vilified “Tea Party extremist” Ted Cruz, Americans will remember, if nothing else,  that while Republicans, were outspoken in their opposition to ObamaCare, Democrats were relentlessly unreasonable and dismissive of common sense in defense of “their law”.

By then, today’s nervous GOPers should be ready to stop the hand wringing, embrace their prophetic, courageous, conservative brethren and constantly remind angry voters how Republicans got this all important issue right, while Democrats got it all wrong.  Today’s polls will be completely irrelevant, and if the Grand Old Party finally follows courageous, insightful leaders like Senators Cruz, Lee and Paul, they’ll win big next year.