Forcing Climate Change Regulations Without Congress


The Socialist and Communist Parties USA place control of the environment on the top of their todo list. There is no secret that they have hijacked the environmental movement, which is why the action described in this article is disturbing.

“BILLINGS, Mont.—A group of attorneys representing children and young adults began to file legal actions Wednesday in every state and the District of Columbia in an effort to force government intervention on climate change.
The courtroom ploy was backed by activists looking for a legal soft spot to advance a cause that has stumbled in the face of stiff congressional opposition and a skeptical U.S. Supreme Court.
The goal is to have the atmosphere declared for the first time as a “public trust” deserving special protection. That’s a concept previously used to clean up polluted rivers and coastlines, although legal experts said they were uncertain it could be applied successfully to climate change.
The spate of lawsuits, led by an Oregon-based nonprofit called Our Children’s Trust, were based on “common law” theories, not statutes adopted by state or federal lawmakers. Documents in the cases were provided in advance to The Associated Press.
State-level lawsuits were filed in California, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington, and a federal lawsuit was filed in California, said Julia Olson with Our Children’s Trust.
Suits were planned in Alaska, Arizona, Massachusetts and New Jersey. In all other states, regulatory petitions were filed or pending to ask state environmental agencies to tighten restrictions on vehicle and industrial plant emissions, Olson said…” Read here: Forced climate change