Greatest Fundamental Transformation of Our Times: Finland’s Basic Income


basic income

Karl Marx is looking out from his grave and smiling. The man who never washed enough and lived off others as he wrote about his ideal society would be pleased that his signature tenet is being tried out.

Everyone in a new pilot project will get a salary in Finland just for existing. It’s hard to think of a bigger incentive to become non-productive.

To start, the program is for a select 2000 to 3000 people already on unemployment. They will get an income to replace their current benefits that is equal to the minimum social security support.

In two years, the Finns will decide if, somehow, miraculously, this will reduce poverty, social exclusion and bureaucracy while getting more out to work.

Why anyone would want to work after getting a basic income is perplexing.

The problem is this is the foundation for a universal basic income and it’s being watched worldwide. Many hope this will be the single greatest transformation of all time. In other words, it would transition us from Capitalism to Socialism.

According to the blog article on this link, it is being tried in Oakland, California thanks to a Silicon Valley organization known as Y Combinator. Who knew? It’s also being tried in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The Finnish basic income experiment is officially referred to as an incremental reform of the welfare model, not as an indicator of a complete paradigm shift, the article states.

They are preparing for a lot of robots to take over jobs and, to replace the jobs, they’ll give out free income. That’s not logical but it’s what they are doing. They believe it’s an entitlement that the Finnish citizens deserve just for existing.

They have adopted a new form of policy-making that has come to be known as “co-design” or “co-creation” of policy. The term refers to the engaging of relevant stakeholders and citizens in the policy-making process from its early phases onwards. As further described in this article, which looks at the policy-making model that was created by Nordic think tank Demos Helsinki, more human-centered and experimental governmental steering can encourage trust and make policy more user-oriented, targeted and efficient.

They lost me at “governmental steering.”

Theirs is an “experimental culture”, tied painfully and inexorably to big government.

As for Oakland, California’s experiment, Y combinator is a California company that “funds startups”, engages in nonprofit research, and accelerates “seed funding”. They have funded companies like Reddit. They believe they can migrate poverty by giving a guaranteed income. They say Martin Luther King Jr. was an advocate but fail to mention that it was Karl Marx who was the fiercest advocate.

The project’s goal is “to empower people and give people the freedom to be able to meet their basic needs.” Liberals, or leftists as they are more accurately called, would call this economic justice and a way to reach income equality. By itself, it isn’t communism but it’s a good start.

We had fifty years of LBJ’s war on poverty. This is more of the same failed policies, only it’s far more dangerous. It teaches people that they deserve other peoples’ money for doing nothing. It’s a great way to keep people in poverty.



  1. When you have a Governor like Jerry Brown who supports and relies on the Teacher’s union and organized labor for votes who is trying to establish his own legacy via a multi-billion dollar train ( never a return on investment) who is senile to care about farmers , and a legislature which is very greedy, is why CALIFORNIA is a bad, bad state having lost its luster! Ifr the Governor and legislature were developing deals to promote job growth and income, we could onwece again be a gereat astate!!!!

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