Guy Fawkes Masks Are Everywhere, So Is the Global Marxist Revolution


Guy Fawkes, a Catholic insurrectionist, was a cop killer who allegedly blew up a government building 400 years ago. He was executed for the bombing and that date, November 5th, became a date to celebrate the defeat of the terrorist Guy Fawkes.

After his death, he started to be used as a symbol in London for putting limits on state power and eventually he become the symbol of the freedom fighter.

Several years ago, a movie based on a comic book, called “V for Vendetta,” made Guy Fawkes into a weird nihilistic folk hero in a futuristic England.

Over the years, the criminal Guy Fawkes has morphed from murderer of innocents to freedom fighter to Marxist revolutionary.

I was stunned to see some striking teachers in Chicago wearing Guy Fawkes masks and carrying the Anarchist flag, One man with the Anarchist flag was featured in a segment on the Bill O’Reilly show at Fox News.

I shouldn’t have been stunned since the teachers unions under the AFL-CIO have joined other unions and various far left groups like the Communist Party USA to march in “We Are One” rallies over the last few years. It is an annual march.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters wore the Guy Fawkes masks throughout the country. When I asked one at an Occupy Wall Street rally what it symbolized for him, he said “freedom from capitalism.” The occupiers or OWS were nationwide and had sympathizers worldwide. We now know it was a planned, orchestrated movement funded by far left groups. It was not a spontaneous grassroots movement.

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Lewis Call, an assistant history professor at California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo, says the masked protesters are adopting a powerful symbol that has shifted meaning through the centuries.

“You can seize hold of it for any political purpose you want,” he said. “That’s the real power of it.”

Call added:

Gradually over the centuries, the meaning of Guy Fawkes has dramatically changed,” said Call. “The reputation of Guy Fawkes has been recuperated. Before he was originally seen as a terrorist trying to destroy England. Now he’s seen more as a freedom fighter, a fighter for individual liberty against an oppressive regime. The political meaning of that figure has transformed.”

A man at the Occupy London protests on a recent day said the mask has become a potent symbol.

“It’s unifying the world under one symbol,” said the 33-year-old man who asked not to be named because he claimed to be a member of a group accused of hacking into government and corporate computer systems.

“People hide behind the masks, put the masks on and their identity is hidden. Therefore they can do a lot more than they would if they didn’t have the masks,” he said, after emerging sleepy-eyed from his tent…

The symbol today is being adopted by radical movements throughout the world. Anyone who watched images of the Egyptian attack and protests saw the Guy Fawkes masks. They are propping up all over the world.

The one unifying thread is that the protesters want to replace capitalism with big government. They are demanding freedom from oppression while seeking the oppression of social justice and Marxist redistribution.

In this video, at the :33 mark, you can see the worldwide revolution counter that was set up at Occupy Wall Street last year. It counts the participation in the Worldwide Communist Revolution, which is backed by the Progressive Labor Party. The same group backed the Civil Rights movement, the Labor movement, the Black Panther Party, the anti-semitic pro-Palestine movement, the open borders revolution, and the Occupy movement.

There is a Worldwide Marxist Revolution and the appearance of Guy Fawkes masks are no coincidence nor are the constant protests and strikes for any and every reason to be drummed up.

We have been dragged into a revolution which brought joy to Nancy Pelosi and sympathy from Barack Obama.


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hat tip to Jim Soviero