Hagel’s Appointment, Where Evil Triumphs



Hagel’s nomination is a clear message to the world that we do not support Israel over Palestine, that Iran is free to build the bomb, that we will align ourselves with our enemies, and we will no longer have the premier fighting force in the world.

Chuck Hagel was a nondescript Senator who accomplished nothing while representing the state of Nebraska. He calls himself a Republican but he is to the left of President Obama.

He is non-conciliatory and his nomination is a message to Republicans or any opponents of his far left views that there will be no compromise. He will be a puppet as evidenced by his lack of self-motivation and resourcefulness during his years in the Senate.

He lambasted Republicans for the surge and said it wouldn’t work when it did in fact work. He has a pattern of being wrong in his prognostications almost all the time.

He refuses to call terrorism “terrorism.” Hagel does not believe in terrorism nor does he think terrorist groups like Hezbollah are terrorists.

Hagel wants to lift the embargo with Cuba and he hopes to downsize our military.

Hagel wants to ease or lift sanctions on Iran which would send the signal to the Iranians that they can build the bomb unimpeded. Iran is pleased with Hagel’s nomination and their foreign minister believes it might lead to more “practical changes.”

Hagel has a long history of anti-Israel actions in the Senate.  In 2004, Hagel refused to sign a letter urging President Bush to highlight Iran’s nuclear program at the G-8 summit. In August 2006 he refused to sign a letter asking the EU to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization. When Israel was at war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, he advocated an even-handed approach, demanding “both sides” stop the “sickening slaughter.”

Even the National Jewish Democratic Council, ardent Obama supporters, admits they “have real concerns.”

Left-leaning newspapers such as WaPo came out against him but are now doing a 180 because Obama wants him. Obama trumps our allies and the stability of our defense.

Hagel was one of just four senators who refused to sign a letter of support for Israel when the Palestinians began their second intifada in which hundreds of Israelis were killed by suicide bombers.

Hagel refused to demand that the European Union declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Hezbollah! If Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization, what is?

While serving Nebraska, Hagel was accused of being non-responsive to the Jewish community. Jewish groups, represented by Gary Javitch, leader and activist, claimed that Hagel always placed the blame on Israel and demanded the give “more and more concessions” to the Palestinians. The Palestinians did not need to adhere to any standard. [algemeiner]

“During his last year in office, we knew he was not going to run again, he never returned any of our calls,” Javitch, who was representing major Jewish organizations at the time added “I have always gotten callbacks, even as a turn-down.”

Another Jewish community activist, Nate Schwalb, who has been living in Nebraska for 54 years, described Hagel’s relationship with the Jewish community as “unfriendly” with views on Israel that were “often contradictory to widely held views by other politicians about Israel.”

“He didn’t seem to show much interest in Israel and in Jewish people,” he said.

Alan Dershowitz, who supported Obama during the election, stated that the appointment would send a mixed message to the mullahs and embolden those who assumed that Obama was bluffing, thus increasing the likelihood of needing to resort to the military option. He maintained that the Hagel nomination was “not only a mistake for Israel” but “a mistake for America, a mistake for world peace.”

He added that the move would undermine Israeli confidence in Obama’s commitment to ensure that Iran never become a nuclear power and would reinforce their fears that they were on their own. [algemeiner]

Former Mayor Koch came out against the appointment and is eager to see how Senator Schumer will react. Schumer has private meetings set up with Hagel. Schumer will give in. He’s a liberal before he’s a Jew.

Hagel has repeatedly insulted gays but he apologized for one slur from about 1998 since he learned of this appointment. All is well now.

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