Hazmat Hits Occupy LA & Maybe a Lawsuit

Sanitation Worker Cleaning the Occupy LA site in Hazmat Suit

Maybe its’ time for the Democrats to separate themselves from the Occupiers instead of using them as campaign workers. This way the Democrats can salvage what is left of their credibility.

LA might sue the Occupiers for the $2.3 million in damages they have caused. LA already has a $72 million shortfall.

LA had to arrest over 300 people when they closed the camp at a cost of $1.2 million in police overtime. The remainder was destruction to the park by the Occupiers. LA Times

From ABC News: “They spent all summer resodding and making this park beautiful,” said Kelly Fiedorek, a D.C. resident. “They spent taxpayer dollars and now its ruined.”

California Congressman Darrell Issa recently wrote Interior Secretary Ken Salazar a letter claiming the Occupiers have destroyed the park, wasting a $400,000 taxpayer funded improvement project.

Occupy protester Will Martin countered saying, “I really can’t believe they are talking about a waste of taxpayer money when they are doing a really good job of that themselves.”

Nice attitude by occupy protester Will Martin (irony here).