Here Is One Reason Why No One Can Stand What’s Coming Out of D.C.



Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, who wouldn’t even delay the vote on the Iran deal, claims the Republicans in the Senate strongly opposed the Iran deal. We have yet to see any real sign of it being “strongly” opposed, and McConnell could be the liar Senator Cruz described. McConnell does as little as he can and portrays himself as a fighter for the right.

And these congressmen wonder why there is a Donald Trump and a Bernie Sanders!

He wouldn’t say that he’d seriously consider Senator Cruz’s ideas.

Senator Reid, for his part, said, “The Senate has spoken.” In fact, only Democrats have spoken and not even all of them.

Bill Hemmer of Fox News seemed doubtful that McConnell was sincere or would do a blasted thing. What do you think? Will he do anything?




  1. Mitch the Obozo bitch is definitely a waste of perfectly good human flesh. What a dumbazz. He actually thinks we are that stupid enough to believe his bulls*%t. I know there are some who do but they are mostly brain dead.

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