Hillary Found the One Thing That’s Most Dangerous to National Security – In Two Words


Hillary Clinton spent about 33 minutes of a 43 minute foreign policy speech tearing into Donald Trump using quotes of his or close enough. She came up with the one thing she thinks is most dangerous for national security – Donald Trump.

Her speech nailed Trump with his own words but she’s a strange one to be attacking him given her record.

Greg Gutfeld put Hillary’s speech in perspective today on The Five.

The single greatest threat to our national security right now is our economy. Our economic growth is at a paltry 1.55% and it will not sustain us. Something has to change.

Her actual foreign policy was not focused on economy but rather on a set of lofty ideals including investing in our infrastructure, education and innovation and reducing income inequality. She said we need to break down the barriers that hold Americans back, including barriers of bigotry and discrimination. We need to stick with our allies. Work closely with allies on creating a missile defense system as one example. She emphasized diplomacy which clearly hasn’t worked. She also talked about the need to reinforce cybersecurity. She offered no specifics.

Hillary said Thursday that we can’t trust Trump with nukes given his temperament and he has a strange admiration for some of the world’s worst dictators like Putin and the nut in North Korea.

Hillary can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes. She didn’t even have a password on her computer and used an unsecured server in a tech companies bathroom closet. That’s where the nuclear codes could end up if it suited her purposes.

There was nothing in her speech attacking Trump that would fail the fact checking, but, after Libya, can we trust her?

She called Trump “temperamentally unfit” for someone who wants to oversee matters of life and death. “Donald Trump’s ideas aren’t just different,” Clinton said, “they are dangerously incoherent. They’re not even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies.”

She played up what a unique risk Trump would be to America’s security as she warned that Trump could very well lead America into a war because some foreign leader “got under his very thin skin.”

Hillary of course is the one who can’t run a war. She got us into Libya and then destroyed the country.

Of course she didn’t mention that both she and Bill made a lot of money selling a US uranium mine to the Russians, a mine which will yield 50% of the US uranium in the foreseeable future.

Ironically, Hillary Clinton is talking about national security as someone who compromised national security using an unsecured server to transfer confidential communications knowing it was the wrong thing to do and who has lied repeatedly to the public.

In her book and in other speeches, she has boasted about the Obama-Clinton record which is strange considering the expansion of ISIS, (the failed pivot to the Pacific) China expanding into the South China Sea, The Russian reset with Russia annexing Crimea and threatening the entire region while making fools of us in Syria, Iran building ICBMs, Taliban negotiations that failed, miserable failures in Yemen and Egypt, and the Iran nuclear deal which was built on fraud and deceit as Ben Rhodes recently conveyed in a New York Times interview.

Hillary won’t even use the words, “radical Islam.”

Hillary, in the end, thinks we need to empathize with terrorists.

In the latest NBC/WSJ polling she comes out way ahead of Trump on foreign policy, scoring 56% favorable, but she falls down on some other important areas.

nbc wsj poll

This is her full speech:


  1. What Clinton troll got to this video ??? All broken up , not working. Anyway…the BEast of Bengazi just being your typical wanna be dictator. All Lies. ” this woman got no reference from me as a new legal grad on the team. she could NOT stop lying. ” Sr Law firm committee leader.

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