Hillary Looks Like a Liar Again



You remember how Hillary said all her emails were preserved on the .gov server because she communicated mostly with people on the government server? Well, that’s not true. Remember when she said she didn’t communicate classified information? That wasn’t true either unless you think pending drone strikes is not a big deal.

The Judicial Watch depositions in a civil lawsuit examining whether Clinton’s email setup thwarted the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) continue on and many of the important questions are being left unanswered though testimony by State Department employee Karin Lang has contradicted some of what Hillary has said.

Hillary is accused of compromising national security to avoid FOIA requests which would actually make her transparent which she claims to be.

At the end of a Washington Post article attempting to exonerate Hillary Clinton’s deceptive and high-risk email practices, is the following line, and it’s the very last line: “It would not be possible to do that [search for emails from Clinton] except by searching individual . . . by individual, which would not be reasonably possible,” Lang said, explaining: “The department has 70,000 employees worldwide.”

That contradicts Hillary’s ongoing statements to the effect that  the “vast majority” of her emails were available to the State Department through other officials’ government email accounts.

“…the vast majority of my work emails went to government employees at their government addresses, which meant they were captured and preserved immediately on the system at the State Department,” she said.

In fact, the State Department had no way of knowing anything about emails communicated via her personal email server.

Karin Lang, who was the director of Clinton’s staff at the State Department, said she couldn’t be sure that all of the secretary’s emails had been retained because Clinton communicated with her top aides through the private email system.

She was asked if the State Department took any steps to ensure that Clinton’s or aide Huma Abedin’s emails were not lost or destroyed.

“Again, as we stated earlier, at the time that the initial – the case initially went into litigation, the department was not in possession or control of former Secretary Clinton’s email collection, so it could not have take steps regarding those documents,” Lang said.

They don’t even think they have all the emails and some were destroyed by her aides.

Hillary also said she did not send or receive classified information, however, testimony indicated that pending drone strikes were on her personal server.

Her good friend and unofficial advisor, who was banned by the president because of his sketchy history, said he did not have clearance but Hillary didn’t intend harm and that is what the FBI will conclude when they exonerate her.