Hillary Plans a Grand Theft of Tax Dollars — Lawless and Socialist


imageAnyone who tries to say Hillary Clinton isn’t as hard-left as Bernie Sanders needs to read her new college plan. She will give college for free to almost everyone – to 80% of the applicants to be exact. It’s not only a get out the vote move but it’s another step towards destroying our country.

It certainly destroys the American work ethic and it certainly promotes the Socialist/Communist entitlement/wefare “ethic”.

We knew this is where she would go with this. She will do anything to win.

What value will these students place in their “free” education. We already have too many people in college who have no business being there.

The new plan will offer free tuition at public schools to students in families earning up to $85,000 a year at first, with that threshold increasing to $125,000 by 2021.

It will increase by $10,000 each year, paid for by closing high income tax loopholes, according to a campaign aide. The loopholes is a tax the rich plan that will hit the middle class, because it has to, and it will take their exemptions away as it gets more and more unaffordable.

It’s a push towards the Socialist/Communist views of Bernie Sanders to win over his followers.

Mr. Sanders welcomed the plan as “a revolutionary step forward,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

“American families are drowning in debt caused by ever-rising college costs and it is imperative that the next president put forward a bold plan to make debt-free college available to all,” she said.

This won’t drown everyone?

The reason we are in this position is because of liberals giving away free government money and telling everyone they should all go to college.

According to the NY Times, Clinton is calling for a three-month moratorium on the repayment of federal student loans. Before long, the loans will be forgiven too.

“I want everyone to be able to refinance your student loans,” she told a group of teachers at the National Education Association in Washington on Tuesday, “so you never have to pay more than you can afford.”

In other words, the rest of us will pay for complete strangers – by force.

There was a time when we had patriots in this country who would not have expected others to pay for their often-wasted college years and all the other freebies Hillary is promising. Last week, she railed about how she wanted free tampons for all women, appealing to the stupidest of stupid American women.

Her criminal behavior – this theft – won’t stop there – she plans to do it all by fiat. She will act lawlessly and use executive orders, the New York Times reported.

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