Hillary’s Email Scandal Just Got Shockingly Worse


hillary eye

Hillary Clinton’s emails were completely exposed in the first two months and openly flowed across the Internet. The State Department is now trying to cover for her or is it for themselves. If we elect her, the government corruption will be so much worse. She has corrupted the State Department.

Hillary Clinton used a home server for personal email that contained Top Top Secret government documents. Her system was so vulnerable, she might just as well have posted on an open blog according to Investors with its greatest susceptibility to hackers during the first two months when the emails passed through no encryption.

Clintonemail.com was registered on January 13, 2009, eight days before she became secretary of state but she didn’t obtain a security certificate until March 29th.

“Without that security, data would be flowing across the Internet in plain text,” Computer World reported.

She was all over the world during that time, even to hostile countries like China, Egypt, “Palestine”, and so on.

The lack of security continued throughout her tenure because it was never on a secure government system and Hillary did it deliberately to hide what she was doing the American public but not from our enemies.

She blatantly didn’t care about national security.

Outrageously, we now have the State Department trying to limit discovery according to the Daily Beast. Lawyers for the State Department want to limit the types of questions that watchdog group Judicial Watch can ask former aides to Hillary Clinton, and potentially Hillary herself, about her creation and use of a private email system while she was in office.

They might reject efforts to depose Clinton.

This is what they want off base:

The questions that State wants to put off limits have been at the center of multiple inquiries by inspectors general and the FBI about how Clinton handled classified information and whether she or her staff violated any laws or rules about maintaining government records. 

Does it sound like they are protecting themselves and their own culpability? How big is this scandal?

The judge thinks so. When he saw that senior officials working under Clinton knew she was using the private server, he said their failure to explain why it had been set up that way was cause for “a reasonable suspicion of bad faith” on the part of State Department officials, who may have been trying to skirt transparency laws.

Hillary cannot be president if she corrupts entire agencies the way Obama has. If you want transparency, you can’t vote for Hilary.

Then there is this: she will be answering the 3am phone call and will have the nuclear access codes.