Hillary’s Fits Becoming More Noticeable


strange glasses

There is something wrong with Hillary, possibly neurological, She had to wear glasses for double vision, takes blood thinners and thyroid medication, has had a concussion, among other things. She had a fainting spell in 2005.

There is something called post-concussion syndrome.


She seemed a little spacey when confronted with animal rights supporters heckling her. The Secret Service agent asked her if she was okay. She then laughed without cause and said the Trump children killed a lot of animals – they’re hunters. I’m reasonably certain she is a meat eater.

On Thursday at the DNC convention, she seemed weirdly excited by the balloons.

Here she is having a blatant fit and then blaming it on the Chai tea after laughing at nothing.

The whole barking thing was strange.

Watch one of her many coughing fits:

I think the lingering effects are still lingering.


  1. Up until a few weeks ago, I dismissed claims that something’s up with Hillary but it’s becoming more noticeable by the day. I suspect that the Democrats and the Clintons are collaborating and playing for time which is why she’s doing so few interviews. People have a right to know that while Barack Obama and his sock puppets on the left are accusing Donald Trump of being unfit, that award goes to Hillary.

  2. No, she doesn’t have a short circuit. She is a short circuit!! Are the American people really going to elect insanity into the White House??

  3. As Dear ole Dad use to say, where there’s smoke there’s fire. After all the lies and contributions from all the countries that benefitted from her influence, how can all the people who support her still want to put her in the White House.
    I just do not understand, I can only say, God help us if she is elected.

  4. I don’t think anyone with such blatant neurological issues is capable of running the United States. It’s obvious now, why she hasn’t held press conferences. She’ll need strong meds to get through the debates ahead.
    America, we can’t risk this kind of instability in The Oval Office!

  5. Won’t be long before everyone knows she’s stark raving mad. Needs to be in a mental care facility.

  6. Picture President Hillary Clinton at an important summit meeting, losing control while speaking. Looks like a mild form of epilepsy to me.

    She’s nutty enough when she’s healthy.

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