Hillary’s Web of Deceit


D.C. appears to be a corrupt place filled with conniving, manipulative liars.

The just-released Hillary Clinton email stash shows Obama lied and knew about her personal server all along; Axelrod lied just last week when he said he didn’t know about her private email practices; Hillary lied when she said she gave all relevant emails to State when she did in fact hold back while her staff removed passages before turning them over.

Former White House Chief of Staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had Clinton’s private email as did the president of the Center for American Progress Neera Tanden and founder John Podesta. They were all in on it!

Former Bill Clinton lawyer and Clinton apologist, Lanny Davis, emailed Hillary on her private email.

Democratic Senator Barbra Mikulski wished Hillary well on via her private email.

They were all in on the web of deceit.

All these people had her private email address, including Tony Blair’s wife, but not her Chief of Staff. He didn’t get it for nine months.

Chief of Staff

Clinton even asked an aide to load her personal mobile device with the contacts for an unspecified number of State Department personnel.

Hillary also had no problem manipulating the media. One email shows she was hopeful that she would get a manipulative puff piece from a famed New York Times columnist who won the Pulitzer Prize for his reporting. As an aside, the reporter, Les Gelb, denied it, saying it wasn’t a puff piece, it was just a boring piece, but it doesn’t matter, the point is that she was only too happy to manipulate the media and Americans.

Since she didn’t really have a day worth writing about, she said she’d ‘create a day’.

Clinton wrote in a follow-up email that, “We should create a day–meeting w Webb about Burma, McCain/Lieberman/Graham about Af-Pak, etc. Meeting w Mitchell/Holbrooke etc.” (She was referring to Jim Webb, John McCain, Joseph Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, George Mitchell, and Richard Holbrooke.)

She lied about Sidney Blumenthal. The president told her not to hire the infamous snake and she did it anyway. The emails make it look like he ran the State Department. She didn’t do much without running it by him. That’s not what we were told.

She held back emails, though she lied and said she didn’t, and her staff edited some, removing passages. We know that thanks to The Washington Examiner. She lied about that too and said she gave up all the work-related emails.

We will never see most of her emails, she illegally destroyed them but there is a good chance we could get them from the Russians or Chinese. She had absolutely no regard for our security.

About $6 billion in State Department funds went missing during her tenure according to the IG. Where are they? Could it be something more than base incompetence?

We also discovered she has yet another email address. She said she needed the home server because she wanted only one device. So far, she seems to have three email addresses, an iPad and two phones. There are undoubtedly more.

It’s not just her, everyone around her and in the administration appear to be liars.

Go to this article in The Washington Examiner and find out about her “friendly” greetings to Clinton Foundation donors who she later helped.

We only received a very small portion of the emails and they’ve been cleansed. Can you imagine what we haven’t seen?

ABC news says there’s nothing here! They’re liars too.

There are other interesting emails showing her looking helpless and incompetent. There is one in which she can’t figure out the Fax machine. OneTwitter user named Razor cleverly asked, “If emails show Hillary was dumbfounded by a fax machine, maybe we don’t want her having our nuclear launch codes.”

What is really important to remember, however, is that D.C. appears to be one corrupt place where the shadowy government connives and lies without a second thought as they keep secrets from the American people who entrusted them to represent them.

Hillary has no accomplishments that she can name, she’s been riding on the coattails of her husband, she does her best to pervert the media, and she is a pathological liar. She will no doubt be our next president. Don’t you want a woman president?

Hillary is unavailable for comment.Hillary, unavailable for comment