Hizbollah Is Here & They Are Ready to Strike


We live today in a perilous time…
~ Rep. Peter King

Our open borders have really paid off. Hizbolloh coming over the Mexican border illegally for over ten years, when the Israelis first alerted us. They are very involved in the drug trade and they open legitimate businesses to funnel the money to Hezbollah.

Politico: Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) warned Wednesday that there are hundreds — maybe even thousands — of Hezbollah agents inside the United States capable of launching a terror attack if U.S.-Iran tensions continue to escalate.

“The American intelligence community … believes we are very much at risk for an attack by Iranian operatives, which would be Hezbollah, that is a terrorist-trained force in this country. It really is the ‘A’ team of international terrorism — far more sophisticated than Al Qaeda,” the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee said on CNN’s “Starting Point.”…Continue Reading