Homeland Security Removes “United States” from Border Station Sign So Terrorists Don’t Notice It


The Department of Homeland Security is removing the sign, “United States” from the New York border station for fear that it will make the station a terrorist target. They obviously think terrorists won’t recognize it as a border station now. Maybe they should camouflage it with tree branches. Read more: Outside the Beltway

Back in 2009, the name of the Freedom Tower was changed by the Port Authority to One World Trade Center, allegedly because it is an easier address to remember. Recently, they took the Freedom Tower sign off the Center Building because they think it will make the building a target. It’s a target anyway and the sign has nothing to do with it.

What a pity we cannot even stand up for freedom any longer. We prefer to cower before the enemy. We also wouldn’t want to offend the enemy by using the words, “United States” or “freedom.”