How Goes Wisconsin, So Goes the Nation

The Communist Symbol of the Unions & Occupiers in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin recall election appears to be swinging in Scott Walker’s direction. This election isn’t even about Scott Walker. It is about a politician taking on the tough issues and risking his job to do what he believes is right for his state. It is about a blatantly statist movement in Wisconsin which was orchestrated by violent Occupiers and unions.

Originally the Pelosi Pinot Noir Democratics were supportive of the occupiers. Pelosi recently distanced herself and the Dems from the occupiers saying they didn’t have much in common.

The following was posted on Democratic Underground –

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Move-On/ActBlue effort to help Wisconsin b/c DNC is sitting out the Wisconsin recall…

Just received in my email:
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BREAKING NEWS FROM WISCONSIN: The Democratic National Committee isn’t investing in the massive get out the vote effort in Wisconsin to recall Scott WalkerWisconsin is ground zero for Democrats this summer—and there are only three weeks before Election Day—which is why this breaking news just doesn’t make sense.Scott Walker and his right-wing allies have spent millions, and they’ll spend millions more in the next few weeks. But Walker’s poll numbers won’t budge and if the Wisconsin Democrats can run the massive field program they have planned, we can win this.But the DNC’s lack of support has left a huge hole in the get out the vote budget. So MoveOn members need to step up. Can you help recall Walker?Wisconsin citizens, with the support of activists from all around the country, have accomplished more than anyone thought possible. They’ve inspired all of us, and put fear into the hearts of other governors who wanted to attack the 99%. But if Walker survives the recall, we’ll have wasted a year of effort.With only a few weeks left, we can’t wait for the Democratic National Committee to chip in. We have to do it ourselves.Can you chip in $10 today via ActBlue to make sure that Scott Walker is finally recalled from office? for all you do.

The DNC isn’t actually pulling out so much as they are continuing to not support the Wisconsin recall. This is a critical swing state and it is surprising but they do have bigger fish to fry. The Wisconsin left is getting big donations from PACS and other individuals. The DNC isn’t the biggest player.

I did find this on MoveOn which corroborates the posting above –

MoveOn.Org demands national Democratic support for recall

By Don Walker of the Journal Sentinel
May 16, 2012 10:22 a.m.
 A petition started at, which is’s member-driven petition site, is demanding that the Democratic National Committee provide financial support to defeat Gov. Scott Walker.

A report in the Washington Post said top Wisconsin Democrats are unhappy with the national party and the DNC for refusing their request for financial support in the recall election fight.

“We are frustrated by the lack of support from the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Governors Association,” a top Wisconsin Democratic Party official told the Post’s Greg Sargent. “Scott Walker has the full support and backing of the Republican Party and all its tentacles. We are not getting similar support.”

So far, more than 92,000 people have signed the petition, which you can find here.

The petition states: “As a Wisconsin progressive working day and night to recall Scott Walker, I’m shocked: The DNC still isn’t giving financial support to the recall fight in Wisconsin. After more than a year of grassroots efforts, Wisconsin citizens have accomplished more than anyone thought possible. We now have a Democratic challenger to Scott Walker who is neck and neck in the polls, even though Tom Barrett is being outspent by Walker’s millions from out-of-state donations. There is no more time for the Democratic National Committee to wait – if Walker wins, it would be a huge setback to Democrats in races across the country this year. We need the DNC’s support immediately!”

Check it out on Breitbart/Big Gov: Bad economic data aside, 2012 may just shape up to be the best year ever for conservatives. Since last week, I have reported that the Wisconsin Recall election is moving firmly in Scott Walker’s direction. Big Labor’s preferred candidate, Kathleen Falk, was trounced in last week’s Democrat primary. Scott Walker, who Big Labor assured us was universally despised, got almost as many votes as all the Democrats combined. This afternoon, we learn that the DNC has wisely decided not to waste a dime on the recall…

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