I Am Going to Fly with Three Friends to Meet Barack!


I am beside myself. Organizing for Action is going to fly me with three friends to meet my favorite Socialist, Barack Obama!  I have to win the contest first of course but I’m feeling good about this. All Barack has to do is look at my site and I’m in.

I entered this contest for FREE and as soon as I entered, I was asked to give them the names of three more friends.

I received 15 emails in the last week from this group on a whole host of hot button issues – eliminating coal & guns, rejoicing over DOMA, hoping for late-term abortions, protesting the SCOTUS decision on the Voting Act of 1965, and how to abolish Christianity (just kidding about that one).

Every email wants money and more names and emails they can solicit funds from.

One email said they checked my record and found I had not donated and they would like $5 from me right away. They’re right. I haven’t donated a plug nickel!

OFA tried to entice me with this tidbit: President Obama came forward with a bold plan to combat climate change. One woman stood in the way of an extreme anti-woman bill in Texas. The Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform. And we saw a sea change in the fight for marriage equality.

I have until tomorrow to give them $5. I think I might miss the deadline – drats!

By now, you realize my words are dripping with sarcasm. 🙂

They are fundraising up a storm to destroy our Republic, not that we have much of a Republic left.

You too can meet Barack – check it out!

Friend —

Put this in your calendar for July 22nd:

Meet the President of the United States?

OFA will fly three supporters and their guests out to meet President Obama backstage at an event — all you have to do is add your name for the chance to be one of them:


Good luck,


Lindsay Siler
National Director of Issue Campaigns
Organizing for Action

P.S. — I almost forgot to mention: Your flight and hotel — that’s all on us! Enter today.