Iran Agrees to Keep Meeting & Snubbing U.S. Delegates


Reuters reported on the big power meeting between Iran, the U.S., Turkey, the U.N., Russia, China, France, Britain, and Germany in Istanbul. A not-very-successful team for sure based on the way it was reported.

According to Reuters, they found enough agreement to meet again in Baghdad on May 23rd after a tumultuous year of what I see as useless “sanctions” and “saber-rattling.”

I am sure everyone dreams of these talks working but I’m not sure why anyone thinks the “talks” are anything more than Iranian delaying tactics.

Reuters goes on to say –

While the atmosphere today was positive and good enough to merit a second round, we continue to stress … that there is urgency for concrete progress and that the window for a diplomatic resolution is closing,” said a senior U.S. official.

Reuters seems to think that talks are dampened by “hawkish” voices in Israel and the West. It is “hawkish” for Israel to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites when they pose an existential threat! I mean, come on, what are they thinking. How HAWKISH!

I went through the lamestream media to find the story was picked up with supportive flourishes such as they made encouraging progress during the “talks.” Certainly, most of the lamestream is acting as if the talks are real.

Unfortunately, the Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Wendy Sherman, invited the head of the Iranian delegation, Saeed Jalili, to a bilateral meeting during lunch. He then proceeded to humiliate her by snubbing her.

First, the Iranians said they wouldn’t meet. Next, the Russians and Turks were spurned. Finally, the Americans publicized the meeting thinking that Jalili would not break with rules of diplomatic propriety, but guess what, HE DID!

To top it all off, the Iranian news agency IRNA proclaimed, “The Iranian delegation rejected the request of Wendy Sherman, the representative of the American delegation, for a bilateral meeting.” Jalili wanted to make sure he continued the humiliation by playing it up with the heads of Russian and European delegations.

According to some, Jalili views Sherman as inferior in rank and decided he wouldn’t meet with one who doesn’t measure up to his superlative title as head of Iran’s National Security Council.

The talks were ” positive and good enough” as Reuters said, that for the small concession of agreeing to another embarrassing meeting, Tehran gets to work on building their bomb without any interference from the country they promised to wipe off the face of the earth.

If people in the U.S. don’t think we are next, maybe they should consider the titles they give us – Israel is “Little Satan” and the U.S. is the “Great Satan.”

It’s North Korea all over again though I think Iran poses more of a threat at this time, especially after the Arab Spring disaster.

One of our writers at the Sentinel said –

If I were in charge of these negotiations (which I would not have consented to), my entire delegation would be composed of high ranking military officers (all male) with extensive background in nuclear weapons. At the same time, I would be conducting these meetings, three aircraft carrier groups would be stationed near Iran…~ Harvey Miller