Iran & al-Qaeda Planning A “Spectacular” Attack on the West



The Mullahs have planned a Shia Axis of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as they move closer to their dream of a Middle Eastern Caliphate. Read here: Command Posts

Assad is certainly in partnership with them. Bahrain has a Shia majority and would make a good launching place for the takedown of the Saudi monarchy. Jordan, Yemen, UAE, the Palestinians and all the rest of them might fall into place.

The Brotherhood is Sunni but would likely cooperate because they are now as Iran has been given access to the Mediterranean through the Suez.

The next step is for Iran to lay the ground work for a Caliphate led by return of the Twelfth Imam and the worldwide spread of islam.

For those who think that Israel is the end of the line in the Mullahs march towards eternal bliss, think again. The U.S. is the ultimate target.

At the same time, reports that Iran is cooperating with al-Qaeda on a “spectacular” attack on the West have to be taken seriously, particularly in light of the attempted assassinations of Israeli diplomats last week and the revelation last year that al-Qaeda had begun using Iran as a transit point to its bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They’re not natural allies, but Iran can provide three components that al-Qaeda desperately needs to launch a high-profile attack — an attack that would avenge the death of Osama bin Laden. Read more: Lignet/Newsmax

In the meanwhile, Obama is using the evidence [of Iran attacking Israelis] at his disposal in an effort to bring Russia and China on board but the worst news for Khamenei is Obama’s talk of imposing severe sanctions. This could mean sanctions against Iran’s central bank – a very serious threat, which Khamenei can only ignore at his peril. New sanctions will mean less money at home to buy the loyalty of the IRGC and politicians, which could impact on the regime’s stability… Read more: Guardian UK

The sanctions might be too little too late. Israel faces an existential threat. They will bomb Iran.