Iranian Commander Suggests Arabs Turn the Fight Against Israel



An Iranian commander – Major General Ataollah Salehi – decried the conflicts in the Islamic world which he said have been fomented by the arrogant powers. The fight, he said, should be turned against the Zionist regime of Israel instead, according to The Iran Project.

“It’s a pity that today, the arrogance has plagued the Islamic world through deception, in a way that Muslims are fighting each other instead of fighting against the archenemy, namely Israel,” the general told reporters on Thursday.

He surely doesn’t mean it. It’s merely a bad habit.

He once told FARS that the enemy – the U.S. and Israel – have no power to confront Iran. Thanks to Barack Obama, that’s likely true. He added that if we could have taken action, we would have done so already.

Salehi also said in the past that the Iranian Army alone can destroy Israel.

But don’t worry, Obama assures us they won’t get the bomb and use it on Israel or the U.S.

On April 2nd, Salehi responded to comments by Ash Carter that the military option was still on the table by saying that Iran is ready for war with America. I’m sure that’s just force of habit.

Salehi said that Iran is ready at all times to deal with any threat its enemies can present and is prepared to respond harshly on the battlefield. Ridiculing the US, Dehqan said it appears Carter is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, for if he was able to remember the American “failures” in the Middle East and the world, he surely would not make such “empty threats.”

With all the lies and attacks being thrown at the U.S. by Iran, Barack Obama is worried about less-than-loving Christians and Prime Minister Netanyahu. That should tell people something. In this tweet, he ridicules Netanyahu.

The Barack Obama page had tweets also on the Easter egg roll, climate change and Obamacare.

People don’t find this a little strange or telling? Surely the most uninformed among us should have some concerns.