IRS Scandal Reaches the White House


Carter Hull

Photo of Carter Hull

The scope of the IRS targeting of tea party groups has reached a political appointee of the president according to House Republicans. The office of the Internal Revenue Service’s chief counsel was directly involved  in the targeting of conservative groups. The office is headed up by one of only two political appointees to the IRS, a William Wilkins.

There is no direct proof that he was aware of the targeting but it is believed that he was informed about the targeting of conservative groups as of 8/4/2011.  I’m sure Wilkins knows nothing like the rest of them.

Lois Lerner has been cited as the person who told employees to send the applications of conservative groups to the Chief Counsel’s office – Wilkins office. That is according to closed-door testimony by Michael Seto who was in charge of the processing unit.

William Wilkins was nominated by the president on April 17 2009. He headed up the Chief Counsel’s office for the IRS when they developed the agency’s targeting guidelines for reviewing tea party cases. That testimony will come from IRS lawyer, Carter Hull, tomorrow during the House hearings.

Hull will say that his superiors told him Wilkin’s office would need to review some of the first applications the IRS screened under the guidelines because of potential political activity.

This will be the closest connection to the White House to date.

This isn’t a new story but now we get to hear testimony about it. In May, townhall posted a story about the link between Obama appointee William Wilkins and the IRS scandal.

Jay Carney was asked about Wilkins at a press conference May 15th. Carney didn’t know anything of course and referred them to the Treasury for answers. When asked if Wilkins told the president, Carney repeated Obama’s claim that he found out when we all did from media reports. He didn’t know a thing before then!

We are now at the White House door but they won’t know anything.

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