It’s “Horrifying” How Easy for It Is for Illegals to Vote


Hillary Clinton found it “horrifying” to think that Donald Trump might not accept the election results though Hillary and her followers will not accept the results. Perhaps more horrifying is the fact that illegal aliens are voting in our elections. One poll has 13% of illegal aliens admitting they vote. Those are only the ones who admit it.

Obama was interviewed by a student reporter at the student newspaper of Rutgers University who asked him about low voter turnout, saying, “In many other countries, the government automatically registers voters and holds elections on days that are weekend days or national holidays. Do you think it’s time for the U.S. to follow their lead?”

“Absolutely,” Obama said.

Since illegals are getting driver’s licenses in many states, they would automatically be registered to vote. Obama encouraged all states to do it.

Then he told illegals to vote

Our voting registration system is based on the honor system and their is no systematic way of checking citizenship.

In Hyattsville, Maryland, the City Council voted to allow illegal aliens to vote.

California by itself, with its 3 million illegal aliens, accounts for Hillary’s lead in the popular vote. The California Motor Voter Act makes voting illegally very easy. As illegal aliens get their driver’s licenses they are signed up to vote.

States like Florida tried to clean their voter rolls and were sued by the federal government.

True the Vote founder Catherine Englebrecht has been and is being harassed by our government, including by partisan Rep. Elijah Cummings, and the members of the Electoral College have also been threatened and bullied by the left,  and that folks, are true violations of The Voters Act.

Instead of worrying about Russia, perhaps the Democrats should worry about the Department of Homeland Security.

When it comes to hacking, ask Georgia. The Department of Homeland Security attempted to hack their voting machines earlier this month. Kentucky and West Virginia also reported attempted hacks by The Department of Homeland Security.

Fortunately we have an Electoral College to give voice to the millions of citizens who would have no voice without it.