Janet Napolitano, She Sure Can Pick ’em

Janet Napolitano, protecting our country
Sean Smith

Sean Smith, former campaign director for Barack Obama, spokesperson for DHS and Janet Napolitano’s outgoing Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs has a way with words.


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s outgoing communications chief is known for his combative style. But in a confrontation that was undisclosed until now, he once threatened to “f—ing decapitate” the staff at the immigration office press shop.

The email outburst from Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Sean Smith so startled one of the employees on the receiving end that she made an internal complaint against him. She described the threat as “serious misconduct” and requested a “full investigation” from the Office of Inspector General.

Emails obtained by FoxNews.com depict the exchange, which started when Smith criticized the immigration press team in response to a suspected leak. As Smith prepares to leave the department this month, Kelly Nantel, the employee who filed the complaint in late 2009, expressed concern that it was never fully addressed.

Nantel confirmed to FoxNews.com that she “took action” in response to the emails.
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