Janet Napolitano, Creator of Man-Caused Disasters, Would Worry Every Night If This Candidate Won


Janet Napolitano, the woman who created “man-caused disasters” would “worry every night…about what Mr. Trump had said or done.” That’s a good reason to vote for Trump.

As Homeland Security chief, she began a policy of open borders and banned many deportations. I worried every night while she was chief.

After taking over the state California college system, she told the students that some words and phrases were to be avoided at all costs because they were “trigger” words. For example, you can’t say “America is a land of opportunity” you racist.

She is shutting down free speech with her anti-microaggressions policies. It’s political correctness to an extreme.

Here are some:

You can make an American who doesn’t look typical feel like “an alien in one’s own land” by asking, “What are you? You’re so interesting looking!” [Who the hay would say that?]

Don’t assign intelligence to a person of color or a woman based on his/her race/gender by saying, “Wow! How did you become so good in math?”

Especially don’t say it to an Asian person.

Never say “America is a melting pot” or that you are “color blind” because that means you are denying a person’s significance racially. [For people like Napolitano, a true blue leftist, it’s not about becoming American, it’s about keeping one’s ethnicity and not blending in.]

Never ask a person of color if they’re lost because it insinuates they’re going to steal something. [It occurred to me that someone who thinks that is the actual racist.]

Never say you have black friends. It means you are saying you can’t be a racist because you have black friends [even though it does probably mean that].

Never say, “America is the land of opportunity” even though it is and don’t say that you believe “the most qualified should get the job” even though they should. The reason is because, in the leftist mind, you are insinuating minorities get unfair advantages, the playing field is level, and people of color are lazy.

Only the most paranoid could glean that from those two statements.

If you ask an Asian or minorities why they are loud or quiet, you are telling them to submit to the dominant culture.

If you mistake a person of color for a worker, you are telling them they are servants to whites.

If you overuse the pronoun “he”, you are denying LGBTs and women.

If you tell a woman she doesn’t have to be good at math or look at their ring finger when they’re in their thirties, you are making assumptions and insinuating the woman is deficient.

This is the woman we are supposed to take seriously.