Judge Napolitano on SCOTUS decision: The Federal Government Can Do Anything, Anytime, Anywhere


Chief Justice John Roberts might as well be the vice president.

The Chief Justice has yet again resorted to “a nearly unheard of construction” to save Obamacare, Judge Napolitano said on America’s Newsroom this morning.


He did it the first time Obamacare came before SCOTUS and he has done it again. It’s curious that the president threatened the court prior to both decisions.

Judge Napolitano said that this time he took “the plain meaning of ordinary words and somehow held they were ambiguous” and that the majority could correct the ambiguity according to what they think the drafters meant. “The court is now in the business of saving a statute in order to save its reputation.”

The court now interprets that laws established by the states means established by any government any time anywhere including the federal government.

Judge Napolitano is surprised by the way the Chief Justice got to his decision.

He believed the Justice is “undermining his own credibility as a fair-minded jurist” with “bbizarre and odd contortions” to save this bill twice. Its a “weird and unpredictable outcome.”

We have no one on our side but spaghetti-spined Republicans working for us.

Despite the government’s lying and abuse of the bill’s contested phrase as it relates to this case, the law was still upheld. Think about the extortion, bribery and deceit that was used to pass this bill. Think about it and think about the power our Executive now has.

This decision goes far beyond simply Obamacare. It means SCOTUS can legislate and decide what a law means. States’ rights over legislation are now melded into the federal government.

SCOTUS is supporting Obama’s Socialist laws. When Justice Scalia called Obamacare SCOTUS-Care, Roberts laughed. This is all a big joke. The leftists now have the government they’ve always wanted.

Every agency in this government has been politicized, every thing has been politicized and all of it gives enormous power to the megalomaniac in the White House.

Americans remain clueless thanks in large part to the media. It was reported today as SCOTUS upholding the law and keeping millions on their healthcare. Marco Rubio spoke out against it and the media said, “He is STILL saying it needs to be overturned.”

This bill was written to eventually become universal healthcare which will result in the government only deciding who lives and who dies, who gets help and who doesn’t. It was never about keeping premiums down and it hasn’t kept them down. This is about government control.

It’s worse than that. Justice Scalia put it succinctly, “The cases will publish forever the discouraging truth that the Supreme Court of the United States favors some laws over others, and is prepared to do whatever it takes to uphold and assist its favorites.”

14-114 King v. Burwell (06/25/2015)



  1. I am a conservative and Republicans are a complete joke. The first thing that Republicans will say now is that they will repeal Obamacare. What happened with the last 2 years then? Hypocrites! You want my vote in 2016? You better change your tune and get some balls!

  2. It’s high time WE ELECT PEOPLE WHO ARE TRUE CONSERVATIVES! We’re out of time and money! Judge Nap should be Chief Justice or the AG in the next administration! Period

    • Ron, what makes you think there will be a Next Administration. Hasn’t McConnell, Boehner, and the majority of both Senate and House Republicrats opened you eyes to their hypocrisy and collusion. The current lot of GOP pretenders to the throne (Pres. Candidates) already know the chosen one, they are just attempting to cover the field of independent conservative voters telling them what they want to hear and in summary will have their followers rally around their chosen one. Next Administration, what a joke !!!!

  3. Reportedly John Roberts has an adoption case with some legally questionable actions on his part back in the 90’s. Obama has “curiously” directed threatening remarks at Roberts just before both Obamacare decisions. Were Roberts’ contorted decisions supporting Obamacare capitulation’s to Obama blackmail?

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