Judge Sides With “Peaceful Protesters” Against Police


The peaceful protesters in Ferguson have sued to put a restraining order on the police and have won for now. A temporary restraining order has been issued until January 6th.

Alexis Templeton, who protested in Ferguson and St Louis, testified as part of a lawsuit that police used teargas without provocation the night a grand jury decided not to indict the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown.

She sought the temporary restraining order and wants strict guidelines on police tactics during demonstrations including limits on use of chemical agents including teargas and pepper spray.

Templeton is co-founder of Millenial Activists United which is one of the radical groups in Ferguson. Another founder is Ashley Yates who has met with Barack Obama. We have reported on her at the Sentinel – she’s very disrespectful of police.

“If they can’t serve justice in this, the people have every right to go out and express their rage in a manner that is equal to what we have suffered,” said Ashley Yates, who was arrested in early October while protesting in Ferguson, The Guardian reported.

“We’re going to take our anger out on the people who have failed us, and if [police] are prepared to deal with that, then let them have at it,” Yates added.

These are the people the judge is siding with.

The group believes the country has been traumatized by the shooting death of the lawbreaker in Ferguson, Michael Brown.

The group has said things like, “The federal government is using its power to prosecute police officers that kill or abuse people.”

They demand community boards be allowed to make recommendations concerning police misconduct; they want to defund police departments who are accused of excessive force or racial profiling; and – my personal favorite – they want to find alternatives to incarceration.

U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson late Thursday granted a temporary restraining order on behalf of demonstrators. Officers must give demonstrators a reasonable chance to disperse before deploying tear gas and other chemical agents, she ordered.

While these gang people and domestic terrorists are rioting and looting amongst a minimal number of “peaceful protesters”, police are supposed to warn them, abc news reported.

Police are ordered to warn people and give them “reasonable time” to disperse, whatever that means.

The police already do that but having a ruling like this puts the police in a difficult position.

Bo has a point in this video:

There is a rally “Blue Lives Matter” planned in front of City Hall next week on the 19th from 5 to midnight. The police union said they are concerned because they don’t know who is running the rally.