Kenya Invades Somalia

al-Shabaab, Capable of Untold Brutality in the Name of God

I don’t know if people are aware, but Kenya has marched into Somalia to battle Islamic extremists. Kenya is one of our closest allies in Africa, but allegedly gave us no warning of the invasion. The fighting is fierce according to the Times.

They are fighting the Shabob, a rising terrorist organization which poses a serious threat to the United States and to other countries in the region. Hard to believe the Kenyans wouldn’t mention it.

In July, I reported on the rising threat of Al Shabaab, which was publicized by Rep. King at the Third Radicalization hearing. I think this is a very important issue and, if you haven’t read Rep. King’s speech, it’s worth the time. Rep. King’s amazing speech and for more information on the battle in Somalia read: NY Times