Kick The Can Down The Road

Ed Rensi, McDonald’s CEO

That’s the mantra of our federal government on the severe financial crisis facing this country and that too is the mantra of almost the entire mainstream media supposedly “reporting” the news.

This is exactly why Texas Congressman Ron Paul has gained significant favor among the electorate and why his faithful followers refuse to even consider voting for Republican Mitt Romney, despite the fact they literally despise Democrat Barack Obama. Mr. Paul will come right out and say what Mr. Romney should be saying concerning the financial disaster actually underway thanks to the wrong-headed financial policy put forth by the President.

Listen as Ron Paul explains what’s going on to Fox Business News reporter, Neil Cavuto:

Now listen to former McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi describe the plight were facing:

The vicious cycle just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning.

Congress waits until there’s a flaming skull (Ala Ace Of Spades HQ). With a collapse of the entire system imminent, they vote to raise the debt limit once again and then vote to extend the tax cuts for three months, thus kicking the can down the road again!

No one – save for Congressman Paul – will face the problem and force it to be resolved. There’s just too much at stake for their individual re-election prospects to even recognize the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Ron Paul supporters will tell you right to your face, “neither Obama nor Romney will do anything to correct the nation’s problems. They’re cut from the same cloth and only Ron Paul will face the tough questions and has a plan to resolve them.” To some degree, it’s easy to see why they feel the way they do.

Many of the dozens of political polls making the news headlines these days show a fairly odd category – “some other candidate”. And a very high percentage of those included in that category are Ron Paul supporters. They’re sending a message to both the Republicans and Democrats, but most especially to Mitt Romney and the Republican party. Thus far, that message has fallen on deaf ears. If those Ron Paul supporters actually write in Dr. Paul’s name on November 6th, or stay at home, and Romney loses a few key states because of it, President Barack Obama will totally ignore that fact and see the election as a mandate to continue his policy of higher taxation, bigger government, weaker defense capability and a nanny state mentality.

Few will note the impact that Paul’s supporters exercised at a critical juncture in this nation’s history – just as they ignored the impact of Ross Perot.