Kiev will come to Washington D.C.


“The outrage over the Yanukovych government has channeled into a true people’s movement – free from any European or pro-Russian rhetoric – based on a desire to overturn the government. The turning point occurred on December 1st, when authorities sent riot police to attack peaceful protesters made up of mostly college freshmen, many of whom were severely injured. Critical mass accumulated for years since Yanukovych came to power and consolidating [sic] wealth and influence around his family and close circles, leaving people poor and without hope.” Forbes

Sound familiar? You bet! Americans are at their breaking points! The rich are getting richer, that is, if you support the ideals of this regime. If not, you are a target.

The middle class is evaporating into poverty. The poor are being manipulated with empty promises that are long term unsustainable. The illegal immigrants have more rights than we have (except we are forced to pay for them).

The IRS is silencing those who oppose and nobody is stopping them. The FCC is diligently working to control what is left of any media. The NSA is invading everything we do.

Our representatives are deaf. In fact, they are closing ranks and coming out against those who oppose the new progressive Euthopia . The praetorian guard media (hat tip Mark Levin) is painting a wonderful portrait of how great we are doing. After all, it is for our own good! We are just too stupid to know it.

Last night, I was watching the disturbing footage of the carnage in Kiev. I pray for those who are willing to stand up to tyranny! They are losing their lives for a cause they believe in. Freedom! Stopping, a dictator. Putin, I am sure, is waiting in the wings to swoop in and bring the final blows, to bring the Ukraine back to the Soviet reign.

If you think what is happening in Kiev, can’t happen here. Think again!

I attended the first big rally in Washington, D.C. in 2008 along with a million of my fellow countrymen. We were welcomed by the Capitol police. They were genuinely thankful.

Fast forward to October 2013 to the million Vet march. This was almost our Kiev moment. Armored vehicles, riot police in full garb, horses, snipers on rooftops, barricades everywhere. Especially vicious police at the Lincoln Memorial and the White House. They would have loved to crack our heads. It showed!

We got the message! They used to be Americans. Now they are just another strong arm of this oppressive regime. Don’t get me wrong, there were some who were visibly uncomfortable with what they were doing, but their were many more who were trigger happy and waiting for their moment to strike.


DC Veterans March, armored vehicles unleashed on the Vets

And to top it off, our aspiring dictator’s deputy national security advisor, Ben Rhodes, told reporters traveling with Obama aboard Air Force One that what happened in Kiev was “completely outrageous” and will be a factor in U.S. decision-making. Rhodes said there was still time for the Ukrainian government to avoid sanctions or other punishment by pulling back its “riot police,” respecting people’s right to protest peacefully, releasing protesters who have been arrested and pursuing a “serious dialogue” with the opposition about how to unify the country. Read more here: ledger-enquirer

Like they protected the veterans rights?

The Veterans’ March on DC in October:

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We have had it! No matter what this regime says and does, we will not falter! We will continue to stay on our path More and more are waking up by the minute. More and more are recognizing that we are losing liberty at warp speed. More and more, we are seeing the masks come off. More and more, we are recognizing the evil which has taken a stronghold in our nation.

We ARE Americans!

In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death!

I am sure, the many progressives, would like to accommodate that statement. But it is not over yet!