Krauuthammer – President Is Negotiating a Deal With a Dictatorship as If It Were a Democracy


Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer on Fox News Friday night was asked about his reaction to Obama’s Nowruz speech in which he claimed people in this country and beyond [Israel] don’t want a diplomatic solution to the Iran nuclear problem.

Krauthammer started out by saying, “This is the ‘president’s’ mendacity continuing to a degree that is really quite remarkable.” He quotes Obama’s statement that “there are people on both sides and beyond,” which Krauthammer says translates into Republicans at home and Israelis, “who are against a diplomatic resolution.”

One of Obama’s favorite soundbites which will ring out from the corrupt press to the uninformed voters is that Republicans and Israelis are against diplomacy when their goal is to deal within reason and not give away the store.

Krauthammer called it what it is.

“That’s a lie,” said Krauthammer, “They are against this diplomatic resolution, the deal he’s doing, that any observer will tell you paves the road to an Iranian nuclear weapon that is legitimate and accepted by the international community. It is a disaster. That’s why it is opposed. People aren’t opposed to diplomacy; they are opposed to a specific deal.”

“To address this to Iranians, as if Iran is a democracy when it’s a dictatorship,” pointing to the brutality and anti-democratic actions of 2009, “is disgraceful.” He adds, “This is a ‘president’ who I think is making an overture, essentially saying Iran should be our ally in the region.”

He asks, “And what do you think the Saudis, the Emirates and the others are thinking when they hear that?”