Government Even Wants to Control Your Smoke Detector



The government is now going to tell you the smoke detector you are allowed to have because you are too stupid or too incompetent to decide on your own.

Not everyone maintains their smoke detectors. One common problem is that there are people who don’t replace the batteries so some state and city officials in their infinite wisdom are passing laws requiring manufacturers to put ten year batteries in them.

One has to wonder what happens when the ten years are up and the people still don’t update their smoke detectors. What if the battery is defective and the owners don’t know it because they don’t maintain them? Will alarms be put on the alarms? Will the government set up training classes or arrange for inspections? Maybe they could fine people.

Manufacturers aren’t happy and are trying to stave off the onslaught that appears to be gaining wings. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) believes consumers should have the right to choose what type of technology they purchase. What a novel thought.

This latest intrusive legislation which takes away choice will also preclude a lot of the life safety technologies out there and it will stifle innovation.

Legislators often pass laws without being informed. I found that out working with some local legislators. My doctor told me that a local legislator was going to pass a law regarding vaccines and had no idea that it would make the vaccine so expensive, it would cost my doctor money to give it to his patients.

NEMA said there are currently several important life safety features that are not supported by a 10-year battery. Connecting the detector wirelessly will not be possible and connecting it to a system like a fire alarm system isn’t possible. Technologies that have several sensing capabilities to provide for safe egress might not be available. Another safety feature that would be unavailable is the low-frequency audible alarm signal for those with hearing loss.

Legislating instead of letting the consumer make the choice forces everyone to make the same choice, one that might not be appropriate for them.

The government, whether it be federal, state or local is in the business of growing and it we don’t stop it, it will control us instead of the other way around. We are on that threshold now.

State Mandates for 10-year Batteries in Smoke Alarms – Life …


  1. Yet another attempt to thrust the camel’s nose into the tent. The smoke detector battery isn’t the real issue; states and municipalities are hungry for more revenue, which they can only get through elevated taxes. The most promising (because most difficult to resist) avenue is elevated property taxes. Many homeowners have taken to forbidding property inspectors from entering their homes, on Fourth Amendment grounds. So the state and local governments are straining to create a “compelling government interest” case for entry without a warrant, against the homeowner’s wishes. The argument will be “public safety:” your house fire could ignite your neighbor’s house and spread to consume the entire block.

    And on we go.

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