LaVoy Finicum’s Tragic, Unnecessary Death, a Foolish Reporter, and A Cause Unanswered


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What is left out in the story of Malheur is the abuse that these farmers and ranchers have been taking for decades at the hands of the federal government and the liberal courts as they bully them out of their lands or make it impossible for them to function effectively. The men of the west traditionally carry sidearms and they carried them to this protest largely because it’s their Second Amendment right, but it was viewed as a threat by law enforcement.

That same threat existed in Ferguson and Baltimore. Shots fired in the air, officers being pelted with rocks and bottles, buildings burned to the ground were routine sights in those protests and the protesters in Malheur restricted their aggression to verbalizations.

The saddest part in all this is that the foolish way this group went about the protest actually hurt their cause which is a real and just cause we will try to cover in future articles.

R.I.P. LaVoy Finicum who loved freedom and the constitution as it used to be and will probably never be again. People don't care.
R.I.P. LaVoy Finicum who loved freedom and the constitution as it used to be and will probably never be again. People don’t care.

The death of LaVoy Finicum can be seen in the video below. Warning, it’s very disturbing. Officials are saying that he reached for his waistband where he had a gun.

When he left the truck, he can be seen with his hands in the air. The 18-year old friend who witnessed it said he was calling out as he walked, “Are you going to shoot me…just shoot me then and then they did, they shot him dead”, she said. They shot him while he was on the ground according to the witness, Ms. Cox who said the bullets came from everywhere, even the trees. She said no shots were ever fired by the protesters.

Reports that he charged the officers are untrue.

She said there were snipers in the trees and that it was an ambush.

He does put his hands down as he looks around and was probably repeating the words quoted by the witness. It’s hard to tell what happens next but he put his hands down near his waistband. Right or wrong, he might have thought they were going to shoot him as he surrendered.


The FBI complaint on Ammon Bundy, Jon Ritzheimer, Joseph O’Shaughnessy, Ryan Payne, Ryan Bundy, Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox,  and Peter Santilli is available online – Criminal Complaint – US Department of Justice

They were charged under penal code 18 US section 372, Conspiracy to impeded officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats. It’s a felony.

There was an additional charge against Ritzheimer.

In the affidavit, it alleges that a Citizen was accosted by Ritzheimer and another man as Citizen walked out of a Safeway. They yelled, “you’re BLM” at her and said he was going to burn her house down. They left in a black pickup without a visible plate. She saw a similar vehicle outside her house at another time. A white truck with a rebel flag aggressively tailgated her with flashing lights a week later. Neither time could she identify the driver or the vehicle. She saw a black pickup outside her place of employment early Christmas morning.

That’s all that was in the affidavit.

They made a claim that the environment and artifacts were being degraded by the occupiers but videos taken by the protesters themselves show degradation for lack of care by the BLM, not the protesters.

Santilli, the reporter, unwittingly provided much of the evidence. He operates a YouTube channel and claims he is an Oathkeeper and a III%er. The affidavit claims these groups are associated with the anti-government patriot movement. It is the Sentinel’s understanding that these are not anti-government groups but, rather, anti-leftist, Big Government groups that are non-violent and who did not approve of this occupation.

These groups are not vigilantes, they are often retired and active duty soldiers and police for the most part who go through legal means to make their case and who are available in emergencies as per their right under the law. The governors could call them up. They take on charity events. It’s possible there are wayward members, but they are peaceful and non-violent milias – just to set the record straight.

In one statement, a photo of LaVoy under a tarp with what appears to be an AR is accompanied by quotes from Ritzheimer saying they were maintaining a defensive posture and LaVoy wasn’t going to let them through.

Santilli livestreamed all of this on The Pete Santilli Show. Santilli was told all along by the FBI that he was making things worse but he said he wanted it documented out of mistrust of the agents. Santilli called for other patriots to come. He wanted 100,000 to show up and appeared to incite the others throughout.

A convoy of no less than 12 vehicles moved on to the refuge yesterday to remove the handful of protesters still left. Ammon Bundy pleaded through his attorney for the protesters to go home and not become violent.

About three remain and have said they are willing to die unless the government agrees to not arrest any of them but the FBI said one is under indictment and will be arrested.

There were about 300 at Malheur at one point.

Please take the time to watch this next clip which tells the story of one rancher, greatly abused by our federal government, and consider how he has handled his protest in contrast.