Law of the Sea Treaty Hearings Today – Bartering With U.S. Sovereignty



The Law of the Sea Treaty Hearings began TODAY!

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Senator John Kerry began the hearings with the announcement, “I would like to see this treaty stay out of the hurly-burly [distractions] of presidential politics. So, heeding that advice, I announce today that I do not currently intend to bring the treaty to a vote before the November elections.”

John Kerry argued for ratification of the treaty nonetheless.

The truth is there is probably not enough support for ratification at this time. When the treaty came up in 2007, it didn’t get a vote in the full Senate, and that was in a less polarized Senate. Obama isn’t likely to get traction with the majority of Republicans. At least I hope not. The treaty has bipartisan support however. There are members of both parties who agree that the treaty is more important than our sovereignty and our freedom.

It will be back after the elections when President Obama has more flexibility to move us forward.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey lobbied for it before the Senate committee today.

Fox News summary –

Fox News:…Americans despise taxes.  After all, one of the key issues that paved the way for the American Revolution was the unfair taxation that King George III levied against the Colonies.

Now some in the US Senate want to say yes to an international tax.  It would be the first time in history that an international organization would possess taxing authority, and it would amount to billions of American dollars being transferred out of the US Treasury.

The U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, or the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is the vehicle through which such taxes would be imposed on U.S.-based commercial enterprises.

The treaty that Reagan refused to sign in 1982 is reappearing once again in the Senate.  The truth is, LOST contains numerous provisions that hurt the U.S. economy at a time when we need more jobs – not fewer.

Under the guise of being for “the good of mankind, ” LOST would obligate the United States to share information and technology in what amounts to global taxes and technology transfer requirements that are really nothing more than an attempt to redistribute U.S. wealth to the Third World…Read more…

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If you are into self-punishing behavior, you might want to listen to the three hours of arguments before the Senate today –