Leftist Robert Reich Wants a Freedom Concert to Compete with Inauguration

Robert Reich

Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary and a bona fide leftist, Robert Reich said musicians other than Kid Rock and Ted Nugent won’t perform at the Inauguration because Trump and his followers are “straight-up Nazis”. Garth Brooks and Lee Greenwood are allegedly in discussions, however, and Jackie Evancho has confirmed that she will perform.

The leftists say that any celebrity who performs is just greedy.

Reich is one of the worst Democrats but he is representative of the panic and hate spewing from the left. “The inauguration,” he says, is “the Boschian Portrait of America’s descent” [he means Hellish]. To performers, he says, you’re “aligning yourself with straight-up Nazis.”

To borrow a phrase, Damn the Democrats, Full Speed Ahead!

Reich wants a boycott of all Trump products because “it’s not a normal presidency.”

Reich thinks a 70% tax is reasonable.

Reich’s Reich – He Hates the Rich & Wants Commie-Style Taxes


  1. Robert Reich you and many Dems are the “straight-up Nazis”! Dems are BABY murders, they have murdered more babies than Nazi killed adults! God will not be kind to Democrats!

  2. If a list were made of Trump’s policies versus progressive policies, the progressive policies would be much more similar to Nazis than Trump. Some items are: government controlled healthcare, unapproved military interventions, censorship, executive branch dominance of the legislature and courts, taxes, …

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