Leftists Alone Are Responsible for Violence at Trump Rallies


trump rally

Defending Trump over the violence by leftists at his rallies is not meant as support or non-support for his candidacy, but it is important the truth be told. Trump was not responsible for the extraordinary misbehavior at this rallies this past weekend.

Jeffrey Lord told CNN that the the American left depends on violence and it’s what they do. We will see more of it.


There have been few unacceptable incidents at Trump rallies despite the very large crowds and the intrusions by rough leftist agitators. Angry, loud, abusive protesters who show up at the Trump rallies cause the misbehavior.

Ads were put on Craigslist calling for paid protesters. These are not organic protests, they are organized and there is big money behind it.

People like Soros and organizations like MoveOn and People4Bernie are paying for them. The people behind it were the same people who were behind Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and all the other protest/riots we have seen.

It’s very discouraging to see and hear Republicans using the arguments of the left to demean Donald Trump. While I have not taken a stand for or against Trump, I join with those who are simmering over the fact that few have been taking on these leftist goons and most continue to not take them on.

Code Pink, Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, People4Bernie, and all the many other leftist groups are trying to shut down our free speech. They are intolerant and they have no interest in hearing dissenting opinions or even allowing them to exist in the public sphere. Who is standing against them and why aren’t they?

Lou Dobbs and Andrea Tantaros pointed to the fact that the Republicans are being illogical by agreeing with the left in their attacks.

Trump said on his radio show Monday that it is the left, Obama’s left, who are solely responsible for the attacks at rallies. You can argue about whether Trump handles it well, but this is only on the Democrats. These protesters are being paid by the Democrats and no matter who the GOP candidate is, they will do this all summer long.

Listen, it’s the Obama way: