Lincoln Was a Democrat – If You Say It Enough, People Will Believe It


This is what the Progressives have learned – if you tell a lie enough times, it will become fact. Progressives thrive by victimizing a select group of people that they can purposefully manipulate by spinning tall-tales such as the “man” is keeping down Black communities and Republicans are rich, evil white folks.

I recently attended a “Meet the Candidates” forum hosted by a new Progressive Group. According to their brochure, their purpose is to “target communities of color”, promote Spanish as a primary language, and require all government paperwork be printed in both English and Spanish.

A clip from the meeting. Only Spanish was spoken:

On this past election day, I received the following text from this group,

Happy Election Day, We are counting on you to vote.  Please Forward.

Feliz Dia de Elecciones –ve y vota!  Reenvialo!

Of course, as you can guess this group supports only Democratic candidates.

Central American countries tend to be Christian Countries with people who have old-fashioned family values.  I wonder how traditional Hispanics would feel if they knew that the Democrats they support are the same ones that denounced God (not once, but three times) during the Democratic Convention.

Coming from old-fashioned family values, I wonder how they would feel, if they knew that the Democrats support the break-up of traditional families and since the ‘60’s have ruined the family-unit of the African-American culture.  The Democrats promote “ghetto-like communities” and push for abortions, even after a live birth (known as Infanticide).

The Democrats are famous for lying about how the Republicans are evil, rich, white folks who wish them harm, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Moving on to the African-Americans communities, which I can speak about with authority, because I happen to live in one: African Americans, just like the Hispanics, are a very religious group of people. In fact, the Black community I live in has 11 churches in a 5-mile radius. Why in God’s name would they support a political party that has denounced God, not once, but three times?

Many African-Americans don’t even realize that Martin Luther King was a registered Republican. Somehow, he has been stolen from the Republican Party and portrayed as a Democrat. This is why the majority of them are Democrats, believing that they are following in the footsteps of Martin Luther King. Somehow they have been “misled” to believe that the Democrats are great and the Republicans are evil, rich-white folks who wish them harm, when, in reality, the Republican Party was formed to defeat the South and set the slaves free.

No. Ill.u

Photo of an actual plaque hung on Northern Illinois University’s Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies. Abraham Lincoln was of course a Republican.

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President!  He not only united a divided nation but he freed the slaves.   This is why Martin Luther King was a Republican and not a Democrat. When did this fact get lost in translation?

Did you know that:

Democrats of the 1860s were universally against abolishment of slavery. The Republican Party, under Lincoln, not only in 1863 put forth the Emancipation Proclamation but voted to free all Black slaves then and forever more by passage of the Constitution’s 13th Amendment. Not so the Democratic Party, as it did not support racial equality. The same phenomenon occurred in the 1960s when the Democratic Party voted against repealing “Jim Crow” laws.

Therefore, I do not understand why minorities vote in lockstep with Democrats. The Democrats have never had the best interest of Blacks or Hispanics as part of their party platform.

The Democrats have no qualms about telling lies, misconstruing the facts and preying on “political-powerless” people to promote their cause, which is to “Spend and Tax” their way into political power. 

The Democrats have destroyed the African-American culture with years of keeping them down while seemingly raising them up. You don’t have to look any further than every inner-city in America under Democratic control to know that the worst thing for any African-American is a Democrat in control. Does Detroit ring a bell?

Democrats seem hell-bent on keeping a nation divided based on color and language in the hope of staying in power.

If a certain group of people cannot communicate because they don’t speak the language, then they will have to “rely” on the Democrats to take care of them. By the way, that  did not bode well for the African-Americans who were pushed into poverty and welfare dependency because of the break-up of the family unit.

I wonder if these two groups will ever wake up to the fact that they are being played by the political party who denounced God, voted against freeing the slaves, tells flat-out lies, and promotes division among people based on color and language just so they can stay in power?

If Pinocchio’s nose grew an inch every time we heard the statement, “The Democrats are for the people of minority communities”,  his nose would be the size of a Giant Redwood tree by now.

BTW, you can keep your health insurance, too!!! hahahahaahhh