Lindsey Graham Supports Far-Left Hillary Over Trump


Lindsey Graham

Update: March: 2016: He changed his mind and is now quietly supporting Donald Trump and fundraising for him.

Lindsey Graham said he would rather see Hillary win than let Trump win. That means he supports losing SCOTUS to the far-left. He also supports: abandoning much of our Bill of Rights including the First and Second Amendments, surrendering our energy sector to radicals, ceding our economy to a half-wit who will give it all to the far-left and to freebies. She wants to give free everything to illegal immigrants and takes billions from foreign nations via her foundation.

He calls Trump’s foreign policy “gibberish” but Hillary has proven she can destroy the world. She has destroyed Libya and almost destroyed Egypt.

Hillary has promised a third Obama term and she has promised Marxism.

This is who the establishment are. They are the people who will protect their domain and their appeasement policies at all costs. If Hillary is elected, nothing changes, which is what they want most of all.


Listen to the entire interview in which he does make some good points but that doesn’t make him right about supporting Hillary.


  1. Except of course that hilary is hardly far lest….Hilary /Obama are essentially center to right Democrats

    • So untrue. She’s better at covering it. She’s much further left than her pragmatic husband. Aren’t you listening to her speeches and promises?

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