Lobbyists Get Public Pensions In 20 States


Stephen Acquiro

Photo of Lobbyist Stephen Acquario who makes over 200,000 a year and has a free SUV, and who will get a public pension he thinks he deserves.


[AP] Lobbyists, who are pulling down the big bucks and who often lobby against the public interests, are collecting full public pensions and, in some cases, they receive health benefits as well.

This is going on in 20 or more states.

Lobbyists who represent associations of counties, cities, and school boards get pensions at the public’s expense.

It is a practice that has been in place for decades.

The public has no choice about who is hired or what they lobby over. There is no oversight by the public over their activities or their salaries on which their pensions will be based.

New Jersey and Illinois are considering changing this. One has to wonder why they have to think about it. Amazingly, New York already has stopped it.

The lobbyists claim they deserve the pensions because they work to lower taxes, though that hasn’t been very noticeable.

They say further that they work for the public good on assignments given them by public officials.

I thought that was what the elected officials and their staffs were for?