Long Island Gas Hits $4.79 A Gallon


More of that hope and change thing!

Bill O’Reilly has obviously been in the California sun too long and recently said he wants Obama to tell oil/gas companies to reduce their profits to help the folks. I guess O’Reilly doesn’t think Obama is statist and anti-capitalist enough. For every two cents in profit that the oil companies make, the government makes roughly forty-nine cents. Maybe a gas tax holiday is in order instead???

O’Reilly doesn’t like the idea that the oil companies export fuel even though the problem is NOT a shortage of oil. What happened to O’Reilly? He has gone to the dark side.

The folks are getting hurt but the blame belongs to the Obama who is shutting down and hampering oil/gas production at every turn. If it wasn’t for prior Presidents and what they have put in place, we would be feeling it a lot more. Yes, speculators are a problem, but Obama is letting the ship of state sink – the buck stops with him.